Ligne de transmission Terkos-Ikitelli

Transformer l’avenir des lignes de transport d’eau en Turquie

Signed in August 2018, the Terkos-İkitelli Transmission Line Construction project is a water transmission project set to be built between Terkos-İkitelli and the Terkos and Büyükçekmece Basin. The project will include steel transmission lines and a floating pump system alongside the manufacturing of several important features including suction cups and valves. Due to be completed in the first quarter of 2023, the Line will transform the future of Turkey’s water transmissions lines.

With the Terkos-İkitelli Transmission Line Construction project, the contract of which was signed with the İstanbul Water Sewerage Administration on 6 August 2018, water will be transferred from Terkos Lake to İkitelli Drinking Water Treatment Plant and from Terkos Lake to Büyükçekmece Basin, thus meeting the increasing drinking water demand on the European Side.

98 percent of the 33.6 kilometers long Terkos İkitelli transmission line with Ø25OO mm diameter and 100 percent of the Karacaköy Wells system transmission line of 12 kilometers Ø4OO mm - Ø1OOO mm diameters have been completed, and works on suction cup, evacuation art and valve room structures are continuing.

Within the scope of the project, it is also planned to construct the transmission line between Ömerli-Cumhuriyet Treatment Plant with an 3000 diameter of 9 kilometers.

The entire project is targeted to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

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