Nos valeurs

Our values define our culture and the way we carry out business all around the world

Limak Group is dedicated to supporting and improving the quality of service and goods and seeks to partner with individuals who embrace the following values:

Honesty, Reliability, Responsibility To respect the laws and ethical rules in all our activities and to be honest and transparent in the way we conduct our business, while demonstrating reliability and consistency.
Leadership To be a market leader domestically and in the various foreign markets in which it operates by having excellent corporate governance, business development, and project management.
Innovation, creativity and being open to changes To always be up to date with the latest innovations and advancements in the markets in which Limak operates. To promote creative abilities and help the company grow in light of continuous learning and professional development.
Efficiency and effectiveness To convert possibilities into successes by proactively exploring new opportunities and efficiently utilising resources.
Quality and Result Oriented To provide clients with the products and services they require on time, at the highest standards of quality.
Equality of Opportunity To stand against any kind of discrimination by avoiding any views which are based on religion, language, gender, ethnicity or physical disability when making recruitment decisions or decisions regarding our employees.
Transparency To involve workers in management and decision-making processes, by using a democratic management approach, thus providing clarity in decisions.
Employee and Customer Satisfaction To ensure customer satisfaction by offering high-quality services with added value. Being an institution, whose employees feel proud of it and who look to the future with confidence.
Teamwork Working towards achieving common goals in unity and harmony, while sharing responsibilities and always considering the interests of the country and the company.
Corporate Social Responsibility To strive for positive societal transformation and to enable individuals to be collectively successful irrespective of their background.
Sustainability To effectively manage the risks associated with economic, social, and environmental factors in company operations and decision-making processes.
Diversity and Tolerance To establish a corporate culture that promotes diversity, inclusion and gender equality by fairly providing resources and opportunities for equal participation in the workplace.
Compliance with Law To comply with all of the domestic and international laws, rules, and regulations in all countries where it operates.
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