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Limak Technology supports all Limak Group companies with digital solutions, developing, deploying and operating software platforms specialised on project and resource management, accounting, real estate tracking, as well as sustainability performance monitoring and communication.

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Limak Technology develops customized digital products and services that can be updated with changing conditions for the needs of group companies operating in many different sectors provide end-to-end management and operation by offering solutions suitable for today’s requirements. Within the scope of Digital Transformation and Sustainability objectives, a framework system (Limak Framework) has been developed that collects the products that have been previously put into use and developed in a central Identity and Access Management system and can be used in all subsidiaries, and software that produces modern solutions for sectoral needs has continued to be developed on this system.

In 2022, dynamic data collection sub-systems that can be used in different areas, such as Online Learning Management System, Employee Skill Inventory, Application Evaluation, Training Evaluation, OHS, and Environmental applications and applications such as Real Estate Management System, Global Project Tracking System, Vehicle and Task Management System have been developed and put into use. In addition to improving operational processes, studies have continued to produce data sets essential to effectively managing corporate memory, artificial intelligence, and machine learning applications within Limak. Additionally, efforts are continuously carried out to integrate digital processes and strengthen decision support mechanisms by diversifying, enriching, and increasing data and transportation.

The infrastructure resources, which have gained a constantly growing structure with the increase in service diversity, are modernized by integrating new technologies and products. In this direction, segmentation, certification, monitoring/warning structures, and backup works have been carried out on the data center side, and pioneering
steps have been taken to establish the business continuity structure. At the point of the network and internet access, SD-WAN technology has started to be used starting from the end units. In this way, manageability and traceability have been increased, traffic shaping skills have been gained and location-based needs-specific structures have started to be used. In the field of information security and documentation, studies such as inventory, improvement, tightening, and audit are carried out throughout the year in line with the instructions, guidelines, and requirements of our state institutions that regulate and monitor the information sector, such as KVKK, BTK, EMRA, DDO, USOM.

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