Board of Directors

Message From The Board Of Directors

Business Partners and Employees,

Since its inception in 1976, Limak has added significant value to our country’s economy, as well as the economies of the countries it works in abroad. At Limak, we proudly carry on our heritage of nearly half a century and should take great comfort in knowing that we have achieved great things in our past, are achieving great things now, and will continue to do so in the future. We will always strive to preserve not only our own unique culture as a group of companies, but also to decide and act in a way that makes and prioritize impact on our all endeavours.

Limak is currently operating at the forefront of the industries it is involved in, demonstrating great ambition and proficiency in the projects it is undertaking. For example, the 1915 Canakkale Bridge and the Kuwait International Airport. Both of which are unprecedented in scale. We have always strived to operate to best practice domestically and internationally, and in doing so, we have won numerous awards and international recognition for our competence, ambition, efficiency and work ethic. We are expanding ever further into international markets, and will endeavour to keep doing so, whilst retaining the fundamentals that make us Limak.

We have been purposefully careful and strategic when planning our future, and as such, we have successfully demonstrated sustainable growth across a broad range of activities. We plan to carefully expand our operations internationally and domestically and will continue to demonstrate Limak talent. We ought to be proud of what we have achieved, and to be proud of what we plan to achieve in the future. We must also remember that we represent our country globally as an industry leader in what we do. Limak will continue to grow for the benefit of the many.

Limak has always strived to ensure that our social investment is more than proportionate to the assignments we undertake. We have been ambitious with our flagship EGT project, a programme we have been running successfully for 7 years which is continuing to develop at pace, and it will ensure the next generations of women and girls who want to work in the field of engineering, have the opportunity to do so. We have also played a pivotal role in the SDGIa initiative, which is helping to support young entrepreneurs with their dreams. We have taken this a step further with our Limak energy accelerator programme where we enable the development and implementation of innovative business ideas that help the ever-escalating energy requirements of the industries we operate in. On refugees, an issue not only important for our country but the whole world, in partnership with the Atlantic Council in Turkey Programme, we have taken steps to keep it on the agenda. We will continue to invest in women’s and girls’ education, fostering entrepreneurship, not because we have to, but because we want to, and we sincerely believe that the youth are our future, and they must be supported.

Never has it been more important than now to ensure our operations are not only exceeding domestic and international standards, but that we are aware of our environmental responsibilities. We have taken bold steps, such as LimakPort, to prove that we are committed and serious about ESG. We have committed ourselves nationally and internationally to the global ESG agenda and will continue to learn, adapt, and improve in this space. We outlined our 2030 sustainability goals to all of our stakeholders, and we remain committed to achieving them. We will remain agile and on the front foot to the demands of this area.

Lastly, we are ever grateful to our colleagues, business partners, and stakeholders who have been a part of the Limak Group of Companies family. We will continue to value our relationships with you and endeavour to do the best we possibly can.

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