Our Founders

Message From Our Founders

NİHAT ÖZDEMİR Honorary President
SEZAİ BACAKSIZ Honorary President

Dear stakeholders,

Founded in 1976 by two young engineers in Ankara, Limak Group of Companies is one of the leading companies in Turkey and a global competitor with more than 50 thousand employees around the world. We could not be more proud for what has been achieved, and we look forward to seeing Limak continue its journey.

Although from humble beginnings, we are proud of the value we believe we have added to Turkey, as well as the countries we have worked in internationally. Not only have our domestic and international assignments contributed to the economies, they have contributed to the livelihoods of our employees, their families, our stakeholders, and local communities.

Our journey can be defined through three key milestones. We have evolved and expanded into new industries, we have expanded our national and global footprint / partnership, and we have handed over to the second generation. We have endeavoured to do our best to transfer our knowledge and experience on commercial activities, as well as to engender a devotion to social investments and responsibility. As a result, we believe that Limak has a strong and sustainable corporate culture and that the current executives will continue to grow the company in such a way that it does not digress from the original core values of Limak. We have no doubt that this next generation will galvanise the company’s brand and position in the global arena.

We are well-aware of the responsibility and duty to transfer our experience and knowledge to the younger generations and to accompany them in this transformation. As such, we will continue to work with the same discipline and concentration to ensure the maximum contribution to our country’s economy with our board and all employees.

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