Social Impact

Limak’s vision is simple – to strive for positive societal transformation

Through its various corporate social responsibility projects Limak Group empowers, educates and engages outstanding individuals to strive for positive societal transformation and for society to be collectively successful. Limak nurtures and supports those it helps through all the stages of their development, including their education and professional careers.
To support this vision Limak Group has developed a wide range of social responsibility projects, either spearheaded by companies of the group or developed as standalone projects. This framework allows the company to provide opportunities and sustained development to those it seeks to support.
In order to streamline the corporate social responsibility efforts, in 2016 the group established the Limak Foundation, ensuring that investments in such projects are carried out in an institutional and effective manner.

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The most important areas

on which Limak is currently engaged domestically and internationally include girls’ and women’s education and empowerment, promotion of art & cultural expression and entrepreneurship.

Over the years, the different corporate social responsibility projects implemented by Limak Group of Companies and the Foundation have received numerous awards, highlighting the significant positive impact the company has had in transforming societies and supporting the young generations.

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