Limak Philharmonic Orchestra

Promoting Turkish cultural heritage to younger generations and international audiences through the universal language of music

Limak Philharmonic Orchestra was established in 2017 under the general art directorship of world-renowned tenor Murat Karahan and conducted by Rengin Gökmen, one of the leading conductors in Turkey. Limak Philharmonic Orchestra aims to introduce polyphonic music to wide masses, by interpreting Turkish music polyphonically.

The orchestra has played several tours across Turkey presenting the most popular songs of Zeki Müren with different interpretation in 8 provinces. Over 20,000 music lovers across Turkey experienced the unforgettable pieces such as “Şimdi Uzaklardasın” (Now You’re Far Away), “Elbet Bir Gün Buluşacağız” (Of Course We Will Meet One Day), “Veda Busesi” (Farewell Kiss) and “Senede Bir Gün” (One Day a Year). A recorded album of the orchestra is also available.

The Limak Philharmonic Orchestra, which met with music lovers with online events during the pandemic period, closed the year 2021 with the “New Year Concerts with the Stars of the Opera” in Ankara and İstanbul. Famous tenor Murat Karahan and soprano Anna Pirozzi were on stage at the concerts where conductor Francesco Ivan Ciampa was the conductor. In 2023, the Limak Philharmonic Orchestra brought together the world-renowned stars Murat Karahan, Rame Lahaj, and Marcelo Alvarez with its New Year concerts held in Istanbul and Ankara.

The documentary film titled "A Long Journey: The Star That Wanders Alone in the Sky," which revolves around Limak Philharmonic Orchestra’s Turkey tour, was made available to art enthusiasts on Blutv as of June 23, 2023.

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