U.S. FY11 Baghdad Master Plan Implementation Project, Iraq

The project area is a military campus of 59,48 hectares surrounded by the city streets to the west, police training
centers to the north and east and Al Kindhi street to the south. Within the scope of the project:

•  3,5 kilometer-long boundary wall equipped with complete security devices was completed.  Precast T-wall was used in its construction and its durability was strengthened against collisions through Jersey barriers. Preventive equipment against climbing and collisions was attached.
•  The assembly of 8 security towers with 7 meters in height and 3,1 meters in diameter was completed.
•  T concrete blocks, each 2 meter-long, were placed on each side of the main body, which is 2 meters high and 2,3 meters long, with 50-meter intervals in the campus. 48 Duck & Cover Bunker installations were realized.
•  Drainage work was completed along the whole boundary wall.
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