Campus de la Banque centrale de la République de Turquie Phase I-II

Le plus haut bâtiment d’Europe.

Once completed, this will be the tallest building in Europe (352m). The project is scheduled for completion in 2023. The building will symbolize the Istanbul Finance Centre, and in time, it will become synonymous with finance in the region.

As of the end of 2022, 189 thousand 920 cubic meters of concrete casting, 35 thousand 530 tons of iron and 231 thousand 830 square meters of formwork, 23 thousand 141 tons of structural steel have been installed for the construction activities.The tower façade panel cladding has progressed to the 55th floor, and antenna mountings have been made in the lower pinnacle. Building maintenance units have been completed and elevator installation works are continuing.

The 2nd Stage Decoration Works and Interior Productions, which started in the first quarter of 2022, are planned to be completed in 2023

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