Irrigation d’Imamoglu Section 4

Réhabilitation de la zone d’irrigation d’Imamoglu

Extending from Misis to the Kozan region, the İmamoğlu irrigation project aims to construct the main pipeline of the entire area. Covering 26,213 hectares, the project’s scope will include the manufacturing of key components including hydrants, suction cups, separations and line closures, and elbow fixings among other features.

The project includes the construction of the main pipeline and piped irrigation network, which will provide irrigation of 26 thousand 213 hectares, and the operation of the plant for 36 months.

Within the scope of the project, it is planned to manufacture 154 thousand meters of GRP, 562 thousand meters of HDPE (PE 100) pipe laying, 4 thousand 535 works of art, 705 kilometers of operation and maintenance roads, and consolidation of approximately 28 thousand hectares of land.

By the end of 2022, approximately 17 thousand hectares of land have been opened to irrigation. In this context, 131 thousand 585 meters of GRP pipes, 455 thousand 305 meters of HDPE (PE 100) pipes, 69 pieces of hydrants, 178 suction cups, 360 separation and line closures, 489 pieces of discharge, 778 pieces of elbow fixation mass concrete, 2,874 pieces of engineering construction, 358,45 kilometers of operation and maintenance roads and 364 meters horizontal drilling production on 8 road routes were built. 90 percent of the consolidation processes have been completed.

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