Vault Project, NEOM Time Travel Tunnels, Trojena, Saudi Arabia

The Vault project is referred to as the gateway to the Trojena region and includes the creation of an artificial valley and two TBM tunnels to be drilled at a slope of up to 40%.

The main components of the project are as follows:

• Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control, and Automation works for the 7.2-kilometer-long NEOM Time Travel Tunnels

• TBM Tunnel 1: 3,595 m (Slope 40%)

• TBM Tunnel 2: 3,590 m (Slope 40%)

• D17 Logistic, D17 Link, B1 Tunnels (total length 895 meters)

• Vault excavation (design and implementation of 9 Mil.m3 rock excavation and support)

• Mirage Freight Depot building construction and MEP works

• Construction and operation of explosive storage facility The first phase of the Vault excavation of 300,000 cubic meters has been completed and the second phase, which includes 2,800,000 cubic meters of excavation, has reached 1,041,742 cubic meters with 38% progress. The Vault excavation, which has started rock stabilization works, is planned to be completed in January 2025.

D17 Access Road and tunnel portal excavation is 86% complete. Machinery and equipment procurement processes for TBM tunnels have been completed and technical studies and mobilization works are ongoing.

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