Energy Sales & Trade

Our approach ensures energy production is planned effectively.

Limak Energy Trade was created to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Turkey’s energy market. We continue to sell increasing volumes of wholesale electricity every year.

We adjust our trade volumes in line with Limak Energy’s own production and retail portfolios and those of our commercial partners.

We sell approved carbon, from renewable sources, in order to help reduce carbon emissions for our customers.

We operate in the over-the-counter market (OTC), day-ahead market, intraday market and the derivatives exchange.

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With its experienced and trained workforce, Limak Energy Trade not only meets the needs and expectations of the industry but also ranks among the leading companies with the principle of maximum efficiency. Leading the development of the highly dynamic Turkish energy market, Limak Energy Trade meticulously maintains its role as the pioneer of development by supporting associations and working groups that shape the energy field such as EÜD, GÜYAD, HESİAD together with sector representatives. In addition to taking an active role in the establishment of the Turkish Energy Exchange, Limak Energy Trade is also a founding partner and shareholder of the EPİAŞ (Energy Markets Operation Corp).

Limak Energy Trade manages the efficient planning of energy generation assets across various resources including coal, natural gas, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal resources affiliated with the group. The goal is to optimize the profitability of these resources to the highest level. In addition, Limak Energy Trade makes the best use of the advantages that may arise within the scope of Ancillary Services to provide extra commercial gain to the energy generation facilities. Limak Energy Trade can also undertake the operation and commercial activities of facilities outside its portfolio consisting of group companies.

Carbon markets have gradually gained importance in Türkiye which are promoted worldwide to encourage the use of renewable energy and to reduce carbon emissions causing global warming, Limak Energy Trade has also contributed significantly to the carbon emission trade within this framework. Professionally carrying out the certification processes for renewable resource type power plants to be included in the carbon market, Limak Energy Trade has not only offered a total of 8 million tons of carbon certificates of five hydroelectric power plants to the market but has also made a move for other carbon certificates and has started to include 6 renewable energy power plants in the carbon market. Limak Energy Trade also provides a YEK-G certificate, which is introduced to the market by EPİAŞ and guarantees that electricity is generated from renewable energy to customers with environmental sensitivity so that they can reduce their carbon emissions.
During 2023, taking an active role in the YEK-G market, the Limak Energy Trade team realized the redemption of 23,602 YEK-G certificates on behalf of its eligible consumers.

Limak Energy Trade prioritizes sustainable growth by actively participating in the wholesome electricity market by selling increasing volumes, every year, by taking an active role in Over Counter Markets (OTC), Day-Ahead Market, Intraday Market, Futures and Options Market. At the end of 2021, Limak Energy Trade, started providing services in this field again by selling retail electricity to eligible consumers, increasing its retail electricity sales of approximately 618 million kWh in total throughout 2022 by more than 20% and realized it as 752 million kWh in 2023. The trade volume has been approximately 4,303,066,389 kWh for Limak Energy’s generation and retail portfolios, commercial business partners operating in the energy market, and the needs of non-group end consumers.

With the vision of becoming an important international actor, Limak Energy Trade has expanded its activities in the entire Southeastern Europe region from Kosovo to Türkiye together with LC Electricity Trading & Supply in Serbia and can conduct cross-border energy trade.

Through market analysis, Limak Energy Trading manages all commercial activities of Limak Energy Group. It carries out studies responsible for the consolidated management and follow-up of commercial risks that may occur in the market. In addition, within the scope of the “Balanced Group” with more than 20 companies, it contributes to achieving savings by reducing costs. In this process, the group supports commercial companies with its expert operation team and maintains customer satisfaction at the highest level. Limak Energy Trade continues its activities with a customer-oriented service approach and a win-win principle.

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