Energy Generation

Limak Energy operates in the fields of energy generation, distribution, sales and trade.

With its hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, natural gas, and coal power plants, Limak Energy is annually expanding its portfolio, which currently stands at 3,500 MW while making energy generation investments based on resource diversity to ensure medium and long-term energy supply security, and moving towards the target of 5,000 MW installed capacity within the framework of its long-term business plans.

In 2022, tenders were awarded for the Pervari HEPP and İncir HEPP projects, situated upstream of the Çetin HEPP. Upon completion, these power plants will contribute approximately 414.75 MW to the Limak Energy portfolio.

Within the scope of the YEKA tender, our SPP project with an installed capacity of 140 MW, whose construction and installation activities are ongoing in Hatay and Erzin Districts, is planned to be fully commissioned in 2024.

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