Yeniköy Kemerköy Thermal Power Plants

Rehabilitating the Historical Yeniköy and Kemerköy Thermal Power Plants

Since their acquisition in 2014 by Limak-IC Içtaş, the Yeniköy and Kemerköy Electricity Generation Plants have undergone significant renovation under Limak’s leadership. Yeniköy Thermal Power Plant consists of 2 units, each with a power of 210 MWe. On the other hand, within the scope of rehabilitation works in Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant, the installed power of units 1 and 2 was increased from 210 MW to 232,604 MW. It was accepted by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources on 10.12.2020 and 25.01.2022, respectively. Thus, Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant consisted of 2 units with a power of 232,604 MWe and 1 unit with a power of 210 MWe.

In 2022, the net annual production values based on sales were 2,701 billion kWh for Yeniköy Thermal Power Plant and 4,310 billion kWh for Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant.

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